Womenandminoritybusiness.org is an organization that provides people a place to find minority or women owned (or run) businesses to shop at. Or list your business (free free) on our directory to gain exposure and sales. It is a free service to both shoppers as well as businesses. We have a few goals in mind for running this free service.

1. To help people find women or minority businesses, whether Black, Asian, Hispanic, or a business owned or run by any ethnicity. Or find reasons to shop at women or minority small businesses.

2. To help drive sales to those businesses, as we are firm believers that one of the most effective (if not the only effective way) to drive change in society is through where people spend money. it is a powerful way to help reduce systemic racism and sexism.

3. To help with income inequality and generational wealth challenges. We have never understood why so many people just default to shopping at Amazon but then complain about income disparity. After all Jeff Bezos has over $170 billion dollars. We want to encourage people to spread their shopping and spending out…even if it takes say an extra day or two for a product to arrive from say a small business.

Our team

The company is made up of both full time employees as well as contractors. Almost all of the staff have experience in volunteering and/or working at organizations that help the less fortunate including women as well as minority owned businesses. Our founder and CEO, Jon McNamara has over 10 years experience in assisting low to moderate income families. He is a mentor at SCORE as well as Pacific Community Ventures where he gives free advice to small business owners as well as entrepreneurs.

Jon McNamara - FounderJon started need help paying bills.com and is also the Vince President of billhelp.uk. Jon also founded Financial Literacy Help, which teaches kids and adults how to improve their financial literacy skills. Since then we have been providing services to hundreds of thousands of families through our websites. He also has an extensive background in small businesses, finance and budgeting.

Everything on Womenandminoritybusiness is free. The only goal is to help shoppers find, and encourage them to shop at, women as well as minority owned or run businesses. We do not sell or offer any services ourselves to consumers. Explore the countless businesses that are listed on our. Please email us and we will do our best to reply to all requests for further information.

By Jon McNamara