Find government programs, banks, companies, and non-profit organizations that issue interest-free loans or free grant money to minority, veteran or women owned businesses in 2024. The small business or start up financial assistance is offered in every state. Each lender will vary in their application process, however the loans or grants will prioritize black owned businesses, women, LGTBQ+, Latinos, veterans, Black owned and disadvantaged groups. Get a free grant or loan in 2024 for MWBE or veteran businesses.

There are also funds for people that lack access to capital due to credit or other barriers. There may also be small business grants or funds for businesses or entrepreneurs with bad or limited credit histories. In general, the funds can be used by an existing small business to help them grow during 2024. Or some national lenders or organizations (such as non-profits) will provide loans or grants to entrepreneurs and start up companies. Generally, most of the organizations will also provide some type of free advice or mentoring services to help the business as well.

National free small business grants and loans offered today

Find an ongoing list below of different sources of funds for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) as well as MWBE (Minority/Women-owned) businesses. It will be updated with new announcements each and every day.

A number of organizations offer financial assistance to historically disadvantaged start ups or small businesses. Everything listed below, including from a non-profit or charity, is offered in every state during 2024. The goal is to ensure businesses owned by Black women or men, Hispanics, women, immigrants or veterans have the resources they need – including money from a grant or interest free loan.

May and June 2024

Giving Joy provides grants of up to $500 to women owned start ups, businesses as well as non-profits. The money can be used to help the businesses in any field, with funds offered worldwide as well US businesses that may have an overseas operation.  At most the grant will be up to $500, with multiple “winners” selected. Learn more and apply here.

$50,000 grants will be offered to 20 different businesses as part of the Progressive Driving Small Business Forward program. There is also a business bootcamp provided, free mentoring and more services. The money is for small businesses with under 20 employees, with some funds allocated to vets and MWBE owned businesses.

The QuickBooks Grant Program from Intuit is provided free $10,000 grants to as many as 20 small businesses in the US. There is a “pitch” needed from applicants, in particular an essay and other requirement. The grants are aimed at helping small businesses get the financial help them need, and apply here.

Grubhub Community Fund is helping LGBTQ+ owned restaurants, bars, and food establishments grant money. The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Grubhub are partnering together. Each qualified recipient will be given anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 for their business. The applications are available regionally. Apply here.

The Sister Accord Accelerator is providing 6 women owned businesses (or entrepreneurs ) with $10,000 grants. There is also mentoring from successful women owned businesses. This is an annual grant program that is intended by add “fuel” to the growth of women owned businesses, as it combines money, education, support and more. Apply here.

Venmo Small Business Grant will provided up to 10 businesses with $20,000 each. The money is combined with other support services too around digital marketing, PR and more. The rules and regulations are here.

Amazon Small Business Month and Summit is providing as many as 15 small businesses with grant money. They are also helping Black, veteran, and women owned businesses with advertising, marketing and website design. The most money provided to any business will be $25,000, and get information on the Amazon Small Business services here.

BMO Celebrating Women Grant Program is providing $10,000 grants to women-owned businesses. BMO and Deloitte are partnering on this service to help small women owned businesses and startups. The financial assistance is part of the Boldly Grow the Good program from BMP. Apply here.

H&R Block is providing 5 women owned businesses with up to $20,000 worth of grant money. The program is part of Fund Her Future. A major focus is on helping women owned businesses with a local community impact, but any for-profit women-owned company can apply. Learn more here.

Ebay is providing free small business funds from the 2024 eBay Up & Running Grant. Each recipient will get up to $10,000 as well as help using the Ebay platform, web development assistance, marketing advice and more. There is also office equipment help and more given out, and apply here.

April and May 2024

Ebay is providing free small business funds from the 2024 eBay Up & Running Grant. Each recipient will get up to $10,000 as well as help using the Ebay platform, web development assistance, marketing advice and more. There is also office equipment help and more given out, and apply here.

NAACP and Bacardi are proving grants of up to $100,000 (aggregate) to minority owned businesses in the hospitality business. The grant program has been going on multiple years now with financial assistance provided annually. The program is formally known as Backing the B.A.R. (Business Accounts & Retailers) Acceleration Grant Program, with money for minorities, businesses owned by people of color and immigrants.  Learn more here.

A $5,000 grant is being offered by the Pitch Perfect Program. The money will help female entrepreneurs and the program is run by Mommy to Millionaire and The Pink Print Fund. The goal is to help businesses (or starts ups) owned by moms or females get financial help, free PR, and other support to start or grow their business. Apply here.

Free $5,000 grants are provided to small businesses in Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Richmond, VA, and Southern Colorado from Comcast Rise. There will be some funds allocated to women, veteran, and minorities too, with grant money provided as well as free PR, coaching, internet access or tech help and more. Learn more here.

LGTBQ+ owned small businesses can apply for grants from the LGBTQIA+ National Grant. The funds are for small businesses with under 50 employees. Each qualified businesses will be given a free $1,000 grant to help them with various business costs. Learn more and apply.

Kitty Fund Mompreneur Business Grant is available for as many as 25 women owned small businesses or entrepreneurs. Applicants also need to be a mother. All sorts of businesses can apply for the free grant money with the funds used for various operating expenses. Read more here.

Backing Small Businesses grant program, offered by Main Street America in partnership with American Express, is a free $10,000 grant program for disadvantaged businesses. This includes those with a low-income or in lower income cities, minorities, veterans, women and others. Apply here.

Micro-grants are available for BIPOC and women entrepreneurs from the Bawse Ventures program. The free grants are offered by The Lip Bar, the company that created the program. Applicants need to have at minimum $50,000 in annual revenue, and apply here. At most $25,000 is provided to qualified businesses.

JCPenney is providing $2,000 grants to women “run”/owned non-profits that focus on causes that address challenges of females. The funds are part of the Women Making Change grant program, with as many as 5 different recipients. It is also for women doing volunteer work. Learn more here.

Cecilia’s House has a $1,000 grant(s) to women-owned businesses or even non-profits. The Hustle Grant financial assistance program is for businesses (or non-profits) owned by women of any ethnicity, age, or background, including veteran or those with a disability. Apply here.

Dream Makers Founder Grant is for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the consumer goods market. The program is offered by Nancy Twine with the free grant money for underrepresented entrepreneurs, such as BIPOC, women-owned businesses, LGTBQ+ and others. The financial help is combined with other help for the BIPOC business owners. Learn more on Dream Makers here.

SBA free grant money is offered as part of the Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program. the money is for organizations (namely non-profit) that provide help to women veterans around starting or building a business. Get details here.

Kinetic Black Business Support Fund is for black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the South and SE, including the states of Texas, South Carolina, Arkansas, New Mexico, Georgia Florida, Oklahoma and others. Up to $2500 will be provided to Black-owned businesses and apply here.

Dairy Builder Business Grants are available in the Midwest, including the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas and others. Up to $100,000 is provided to each selected applicant. The program from Dairy Business Innovation Alliance is aimed at helping the diversify the industry and their services. Learn more here.

Women owned businesses and entrepreneurs can get up to $25,000 from the 2024 BOTOX Cosmetic grant program, which is offered by the owner Allergan Aesthetics and in partnership with IFundWomen. A major focus is on women in the health, beauty, and cosmetics industry, and apply for a free $25,000 grant here.

The NBA and LegalZoom Fast break grant program for 2024 is available. Up to $10,000 in free grant money will be provided to a number of small businesses across the country, with a focus on disadvantaged businesses as well as entrepreneurs. Accion Opportunity Fund is also a partner agency, and those who are interested in a grant can apply here.

Business Consortium Fund is a non-profit CDFI that helps minorities, women and businesses in low-income communities or those that have bad credit.  In general, the financing is very low cost and some loans may be interest free/forgivable. They have a program that eliminates application fees and offers other support. Apply here.

FedEX is providing as many as 10 grants to small businesses, with the dollar amount ranging from $300 (the most common) to $20,000 or $50,000. There is also other support, such as digital marketing help, credits for shipping, help printing documents and more. Some free grant money is for minority and women businesses too. Apply here.

February and March 2024

BOSS Impact Fund has multiple grants, digital marketing help, marketing support and more. It is financial help combined with mentoring and other support for Black Women owned small businesses. Apply here.

Black Girl Ventures and TikTok are providing free grants to small businesses, content creators, and entrepreneurs. Anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 will be issued, as multiple grant levels are offered. A major focus is on businesses owned by people of color, Latinas, and Black women owned businesses. Learn more on the TikTok Innovate Together Grant and Black Girl Ventures program here.

Winn-Dixie (owned by Southeastern Grocers Inc.) and Harveys Supermarket has a grant program for non-profits in the SE United States, including the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. The non-profits need to be focused on addressing racial inequality, concerns of women or people of color, health care issues of minorities, and social causes. Learn more on the free grants here.

January 2024

Brookfield Properties, the national mall owner, has a program for BIPOC retail businesses known as the Partner to Empower. It combines grant money, one on one free business advice, workshops and more. The focus is on helping retail locations owned by people of color get the support they need. Apply here.

Free $10,000 grants are offered from the Citizens Small Business Community Champion Award. A focus is on small women, minority, and veteran owned businesses. Other businesses can apply to, including LGTBQ+. Hundreds of thousands will be provided and apply here.

Elevate Together and the Urban League have up to $10,000 grants for Black or Hispanic owned businesses. The funds are for the cities/region of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Southern CA, Minneapolis region, Philadelphia, Phoenix or South Florida only. The free grants are for existing businesses only, and learn more here.

Self employed/sole proprietors can get $4,000 grants from NASE. The non-profit National Association for the Self Employed people has funds for members, and the money can pay for business costs or even a scholarship. Apply here for up to $4,000.

Tech For an Equitable Future, from Braze, helps disadvantaged businesses, with a focus on Black owned and those owned by women. There is free access to technology tools, loans, small dollar grants and more.  Many other free services are offered here, and learn more here.

Stacy’s Rise Project is giving out free $10,000 grants to women owned food, beverage and restaurant businesses. The company does is to help help small women owned food businesses give the funding and support they need. Learn more about the Rise Project.