Jon McNamara is the founder of Everything we offer and provide is free. The only goal of the company is to help fight systemic racism, sexism, and income inequality. While we are capitalists, we also think enough is enough when CEOs make about 280 times an average workers income and many CEOs have tens of billions of dollars. We also think enough is enough when it comes to discrimination and bias against Black businesses, women, and other minorities. Find some of the objective system racism and sexism stats.

There is no charge to small business owners or entrepreneurs or anyone who uses our website. In fact, we are spending our own money to run this site, advertise on social networks, and cover other operating costs. This business is costing us money! We are also volunteering our own personal time as well, taking time from our other life activities, friends, family. This site is all about given back to the disadvantaged.

Jon also found NHPB LLC as well as, a company committed to helping the less fortunate and is the Vice President of as well as Personal Financial Network, Inc.

We use contractors as well as other that do research, write content, and help in other ways, and that again costs us money as a business. Every suggestion as well as article about women and minority business resources on this website has been reviewed by Jon before publishing and many of the articles he has personally written.

In addition to writing and the extensive research that involves, he has studied as well as visited local charities and non-profits to learn about their services. Jon is also a volunteer at SCORE as well as Pacific Community Ventures, volunteer organizations that help small businesses and entrepreneurs of all races, ages, and genders.

Some of Jon’s other experience include the following. Or find out more about Jon McNamara and his Linkedin profile.

Proven ability to lead as well as motivate a diverse staff as well as volunteers, including teams of up to 20 individuals.
Strong ability to design and implement successful investment as well as fundraising programs.
Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and other MS Office Suite programs
Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
Superior knowledge of partnership development, staff leadership, budgeting and financial management
Exceptional knowledge of issues faced by lower income families as well as those in a financial hardship.