Help for minority, veteran or women owned businesses

Find free grants, low cost or interest free loans, coaching programs and other resources for underserved businesses and entrepreneurs. Minorities, veteran, LGTBQ+, Asian and women owned businesses can get the support they need from non-profits, the government or corporations. 

Right or wrong, whether you agree or not, money buys power as well as influence in the US. Money is arguably the only way to drive change. Even today, as every statistic shows, minorities, veterans and women lack access to capital they need to start or grow a company.

Many organizations help these disadvantaged groups get financial help. In addition, each of us can do our part. As by spending some of your income (a.k.a. shopping) to support women or minority owned businesses, it can make a difference, help drive change and address income inequality. 

Assistance for Black, Latino, Female, Veteran and Disadvantaged Businesses

There are a number of free resources out there. Whether mentoring or coaching, MWBE accelerator programs, free grants or workshops, help is out there. As the goal is to both encourage entrepreneurs to start a business and keep existing ones running.  Whether a veteran, female, person of color (even an immigrant) or LGTBQ+, interest free loans and grant money is available.

Companies, national non-profits and foundations provide help with starting a business or they support existing ones. Whether a grant, networking, help in raising capital or making a pitch to potential investors, a number of resources are offered to MWBE businesses, veterans, immigrants or entrepreneurs. Locate small business resources for minorities, women or veterans.

Assistance is available in 2024 too. Many small business grants and 0% APR loans are offered. Many are issued each month or week throughout 2024. There are funds out there to help you start or grow your business. Learn about the latest grants and loans in 2024 for minority and women owned businesses

There is free coaching, mentoring and advice offered. Non-profits and volunteers help you grow and/or improve your business or start one. There is technical help, assistance with applying for free grants or raising money, networking and more for women, vets, people of color and others.

As non-profits organizations such as SCORE and others try to help underserved businesses. They give free mentoring services, workshops, or advice to help you grow. Find free small business mentoring.

Veteran start ups and small businesses will get financial help. Government supported VBOCs provide free advice, counseling, and even grants. There are also funds and consultations from non-profit. Find small business and startup assistance for veteran.

Raise money from the public / crowdfunding and similar sources. There are even Crowdfunding platforms for women and minority businesses that help them get capital.

Support female, veteran and minority owned businesses

Veterans, Latinos, businesses owned by Black women or males and others can always use the help (like any small compony). In addition to grants, loans and financial help, you can spend some more (or all!) of your income at a women or minority owned business. It may take a few more minutes per month (a tiny “sacrifice”) to direct some of your spending to them, but it makes a big difference. As there are many reasons why to shop to a women, black, Hispanic, or minority company.

These are small sacrifices to make now that will contribute to significant change over time. A little effort, made by many, can be powerful.

By Jon McNamara