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Why shop at minority or women owned/run businesses?

Right or wrong, whether you agree or not, money buys power as well as influence in the US. This means where and how you spend your money can make a difference. Money is arguably the only way to drive change. Please make a difference by shopping, and in effect “giving” power, to women and minority owned businesses, many of which are small or local businesses. Find a free directory of Black, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ, veteran, immigrant and other minority as well as women owned or run businesses, many of which may be near you. Or sign up your business for free!

You have the ability to make a difference. Even today, as every statistic shows, minorities and women are second class citizens. By spending some of your income to support women or minority owned businesses, it can make a difference, help drive change and help address income inequality. Use the search bar above, or find a free directory by business type, showing the female, minority, veteran, and disadvantaged businesses.

Think about how powerful it can be if you change how and where you spend some of your income. Direct some of your spending at disadvantaged minority and female owned businesses.

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Are you a women or minority owned or run business (MWBE)?  Or a BIPOC-owned businesses (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Then list your business for free in the directory. There is zero obligation or cost from business owners as our entire service is free to both shoppers as well as business owners. We will publicize your business for free. We may need to reach out to you to verify your information on minority/women status; so please be prepared to facilitate that step. We also have free resources for women and minority business owners listed below.

Assistance for Black, Latino, Female, Veteran and Disadvantaged Businesses

Find free small business mentoring to help you grow and/or improve your business. As non-profits, organizations such as SCORE and others give free mentoring services, workshops, or advice to help you grow.

Or learn about the latest grants and loans for minority and women owned businesses, as there are funds out there to help you start or grow your business.

Find small business and startup assistance for veteran businesses and startup companies. Government supported VBOCs provide free advice, counseling, and even grants.

There are even Crowdfunding platforms for women and minority businesses that help them get capital.

Support female and minority owned businesses

Make a difference. Spend some more (or all!) of your income at a women or minority owned business. It may take a few more minutes per month (a tiny “sacrifice”) to direct some of your spending to them, but it makes a big difference. As there are many reasons why to shop to a women, black, Hispanic, or minority company.

These are small sacrifices to make now that will contribute to significant change over time. A little effort, made by many, can be powerful.

By Jon McNamara