At Scoopt’d Treats, we are a mobile business in the metro Atlanta area that creates and sells “ice creme” that is free of the Big 8 Food allergens. Over 40% of American children and adults have food allergies and/or intolerances. I noticed the lack of representation in the frozen dessert section for individuals that have food allergies, lactose intolerances, and who live a plant-based lifestyle.

So I decided to make a change and create ice cream – one of America’s favorite desserts – for those who can’t have or never had ice cream. I created Scoopt’d for the love of my nephew, Justus after his 2014 summer camp experience. His summer camp hosted an “ice cream social” at the finale of the week, and Justus was the only one that could not partake in the festivities.

Justus has a severe allergy to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, fish, and shellfish, all of which hinder him from enjoying foods and drinks other kids can enjoy. As his uncle, I want Justus to enjoy all life can offer, including ice cream. Two summers later, I handed him a spoonful of ice cream and told him to taste it. He looked nervous and was hesitant to try it out of fear of reacting. He tasted the allergy-free “ice creme”, and we looked at each other in waiting for an allergic reaction to happen but instead a huge smile formed on his face. That was the only reaction I wanted to see.

I dedicate Scoopt’d: Dairy-Free Treats to Justus, the children, and adults with severe allergies, Vegetarians, vegans, and individuals who switched to a healthier lifestyle.


Quin’s story
Ever since I was 13, I have had ideas or created businesses for myself. From detailing cars and neighborhood lawn care to clothing lines and gentlemen’s suits and fashion accessories in college, I’ve created a way to fulfill a need and to stay ahead of the trend.

But recently, health and food allergies have played a huge part in why I do what I do. I found out at the age of 12 that I had lactose intolerance. At that moment, many foods I loved to eat, I had to stop eating – including pizza and ice cream. Having to create dairy-free products all the time became a hassle and time-consuming at times, so I was always searching for the newest dairy-free or allergy-free product on the market. Having an entire family that is lactose intolerant and nephews and a niece with serious food allergies, I knew we couldn’t be the only family like this. As a summer camp coach, I learned of many other families similar to mines with food allergies.

There is a need for more allergy-free products in stores. Unfortunately, this section of stores is not being catered to. So I created an allergy-free “ice creme” for kids like my nephew, Justus, and other kids with severe food allergies and that live a plant-based lifestyle. With every scoop, there is a big smile from a child that has never had ice cream or has tummy aches every time dairy is eaten. Seeing those smiles daily really keeps me going.

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