My Guiltless Treats offers a sustainable and delicious way to manage diabetes, prediabetes, and prevent unwanted weight gain. And we do it with desserts. Our panna cotta dessert is a twist on the traditional Italian custard.

We use real coconut cream (instead of heavy whipping cream) to create the soft texture of panna cotta. The soft flan-like dessert is layered over real mango, guava, or pineapple fruit. Our desserts are egg-fee, soy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, and protein-enriched.

We are a woman and Asian owned business that gives back to other minority owned companies. We offer free shipping to any of the West Coast states by ordering online. Guiltless Treats are available at 3 local retailers in Southern California and farmer’s markets.

Our healthy panna cottas are creamy, velvety and refreshing. They have 7 grams of protein and just 130 calories. They contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Best taste and quality nutritional value are our top priorities.

We source only the best for you! Our coconut panna cottas are primarily made with non-GMO coconut cream, agave nectar, and caseinate (milk protein). Caseinate is not a significant source of lactose and gives each serving 7 g of protein!

One day, my fitness instructor asked me why all protein supplements taste awful. As a pharmacist, I found that question intriguing. What do you mean that they all taste awful? If we could compound prednisolone solution (which tastes awful), why can’t we make protein taste better? She and I decided to start the company with the goal to create protein gummies. We used funds and loans from the government that helped minority owned companies, and also partner with other Asian owned small businesses in a directory.

After five years of extensive R & D and lackluster sales, she moved on to a different career path. I stayed on because I believed that there was untapped potential with the company. I turned to crowdfunding platforms for women to raise money. As we did, as a Asian female owned business, need to raise funds for our business plan, and crowdfunding was a good option.

The name was changed to My Guiltless Treats to encompass my umbrella of current and future desserts that are guiltless. With the rising incidence of diabetes in the U.S., I believe that My Guiltless Treats has a role in the consumer diet. It was much more fulfilling to have consumers stay on as consumers rather than turning into patients.

My story begins at the University of Pacific in 1997. I was one of the few students to graduate at the young age of 21 with a pharmacy doctorate. I spent my entire career in the hospital, working side by side with physicians, dieticians, and nurses. As the incidence of diabetes continued to rise, we saw more patients with diabetic-related complications and cardiovascular death.
One day, I was providing discharge counseling on insulin use and diet to a patient. After 30 minutes, he admitted that he would not follow my recommendations because “all that stuff tastes bad.” I hated to admit it, but he was right. However, I could not say that. At the same time, I didn’t want to see him return to the hospital and have his other foot amputated, another diabetic-related complication. In the back of my mind, I knew the answer was to find delicious, sweet-tasting food that would not exacerbate diabetes and be affordable and available to all consumers.

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