Luna Sundara is a wellness brand specializing in sustainably harvested Palo Santo products and artisanal homeware.

At Luna Sundara, co-founders Sandra and Tom are driven by a love of Latin American tradition and respect for nature to source and create high-quality wellness products and accessories. All of Luna’s offerings are responsibly manufactured with as little impact to the environment as possible. To provide you with a better, safer and purer experience, Luna only works with botanicals that are 100% sustainable.

Luna also works with other Latina owned brands including wellness companies and others. There are many other small businesses online.  Also find other Latina owned businesses.

A Peruvian native based in Brooklyn, Sandra Manay founded the brand in 2014 to promote sustainable and fair trade practices, honoring Palo Santo’s indigenous roots and partnering with local artisans to share their multigenerational crafts with the U.S. market. Check out their Palo Santo smudging sticks, wildcrafted botanicals, handmade ceramics and more!

As well as bringing high-quality products to market, Sandra and Tom prioritize a personal connection with all suppliers and artisans. Luna Sundara believes in celebrating Peruvian and Ecuadorian craft while empowering local artisans with a platform to showcase their products and ultimately, improve their local economy. This commitment to fair trade and dedication to bettering local communities sits at the heart of everything Luna Sundara does.
In addition to a wide selection of botanicals and aromatherapy oils, Luna Sundara includes an eco-friendly home décor lineup.

We have been working closely with artisans from Chulucanas, Peru to create these fine pieces of traditional Peruvian pottery. These pieces are beautiful and functional. We currently offer palo santo holders and incense holders. Chulucanan pottery is considered some of the finest in Peru. Each piece is individually handmade by master artisan Luis H. Sandoval. We hope to preserve this tradition with the help of our wonderful friends. Please watch this short clip to see how these great pieces are made.

Palo Santo smells amazing! The scent is enchanting, calming, and cleansing. It has an aroma like no other wood. Burning Palo Santo releases this aroma and surrounds you with a sense of calm and serenity. This wood has been cherished throughout the Andean regions of South America for generations. Luna Sundara sources responsibly harvested wood from Peru and Ecuador.

Check out our hand rolled palo santo incense. These incense sticks are individually hand rolled in Peru by local women who take great care and pride using only the highest quality palo santo wood. These incense sticks are made using 100% natural ingredients. No chemical additives or accelerants. We use pure palo santo dust and a binding gum from acacia trees to make this incense.

Sandra’s Peruvian background is key to establishing authentic relationships with Luna’s suppliers and farmers. She directly prioritizes the personal connection with these artisans, often visiting them at their homes in lieu of sending middlemen to negotiate. She and Tom also host gatherings and celebrations as a means of giving back to various local communities throughout Peru and Ecuador.

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