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It is our mission to bring awareness, eradicate, and prevent the epidemic of bullying abuse in the workplace as it is toxic on many levels.  Workplace Bullying Abuse is repeated, unwarranted aggressiveness that causes psychological and physical harm creating a psychological power imbalance between the bully (or mob in some cases) and it’s target.  The stress of  repeatedly being beaten down at work on any given day can cause insomnia, headaches, heartaches, panic attacks, stomach ulcers, heart disease, high blood-pressure, and more.  Severe cases of being bullied at work can cause Anxiety & Depression Disorder,  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, thoughts of suicide and suicide itself.  Workplace Bullying is a little more cunning than Harassment because Harassment is a more noticeable form of unwelcome conduct that can happen once or over time.  Harassment  exhibits more forward behaviors of  intimidation, hostility, and/or abuse such as racially derogatory words, inappropriate  jokes, offensive remarks about a protected class including stereotyping , etc.  Bullies in the workplace often know the difference between Harassment & Bullying, and since Workplace Bullying isn’t illegal yet, they tend to walk the very thin line which allows the abuse to continue.  

Boss Up Culture Hotline

Boss Up Culture offers a hotline dedicated to employees to voice their concerns with no obligation.  The goal is to ensure Workplace Balance, Safety,  & Employee Well-Being for everyone.  *Please note that legal or medical advice is not offered on calls.

Some examples of Workplace Bullying are:

  • Continuous personal attacks on one’s character not related to their job.
  • Being given an unrealistic workload and timelines of completion in relation to the target’s peers.
  • Restricted work schedules in which only the target is required to adhere to as opposed to their peers.
  • Non-value added meetings purposely scheduled to take the target away from work – making it almost impossible for task completion.
  • Blocked opportunities for promotions and positions in which the target is skilled and qualified for.
  • Merit increases or promotions denied with no supporting evidence.
  • Tampering of the target’s HR file – removing positive feedback to paint them in a negative light for future opportunities.
  • Black-balling of the target  to forcefully keep them stuck in a position or group so that the abuse can continue until the individual quits involuntarily.
  • And these are just a few examples; Not including the affects it has on other employees witnessing the abuse and afraid to speak up.

Bottom line, this issue is abuse and can severely impact the health, safety and well-being of the employees affected AND can grossly affect a companies costs, production, and reputation.  When workplace bullying is tolerated in the workplace….no one wins.  Our goal is to support a positive work environment so that everyone wins! 

End Workplace Bullying In Your Place of Business – Change begins with you.  If you are a business owner or in a position of authority, you have the power to change the culture of your work environment for the better.  Eradicating this issue helps you to avoid high costs associated with this problem as well as your companies reputation.  Integrate Rules & Policies detailing Employees Right’s in which any behavior associated with workplace bullying is not tolerated.  Implement a reporting system that is confidential and truly in favor of the employee –  Letting them know they are supported  and that they can trust their employer in having their best interest, safety, and well-being at heart.

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