Benefits to listing in the free directory

First of all, the directory listing service is and always will be FREE. There is nothing asked of you other than a few minutes of your time to list your current website information on the directory.

If you list your business on the free directory, you can benefit by gaining some revenue and maybe gain some new long term customers. You can help gain some exposure in your community. Also, as time goes on, ideally you will gain more revenue as the site grows in stature.

The website was created in an effort to give back to the minority and women community, to help fight systemic racism and discrimination as well as income inequality. I have been successful with other online businesses in the past. I have volunteered with SCORE and PCV as a business mentor, and now is my time to give back in a different way. Read more on my story.

What will be doing to help your business?

As noted, all of this is done without one cent for you. I am doing this on my own time and cost. Some of what we are doing includes the following.

1) We have been and will be optimizing the site in order to increase organic search traffic from the general community. Which will help the minority and women businesses listed on the site gain sales.

2) We will be doing some advertising to identify and find consumers/shoppers who want to support minority or women owned or run businesses, and drive those shoppers and encourage them to use the businesses listed on the website. We want to drive shoppers to your store and increase your revenue.

3) We will be doing some advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords, as well as other platforms to increase exposure to the site from a social perspective. This means we want to highlight some of the challenges faced by women and minority businesses, as we think most people are ignorant to those challenges. This increased exposure will benefit you by helping you gain sales.

4) We will be seeking partnerships with other companies, bloggers, influencers, and websites. Which will help the minority and women businesses listed on the site gain sales

We will be doing everything we can to try to drive consumer traffic to the free minority and women business directory as well as build out the directory with even more businesses. We want to highlight the challenges faced by these businesses. It is our (my time) to try to give back and to try to make a difference. At the end of the day, we hope to hit our stated goals, which are only to help you and your business grow. And none of this will cost you a cent!

By Jon McNamara


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